Weaving on the road

I took my paper cutting gear on the road while I'm visiting friends and family this holiday season in the American West. My friend Eva Struble invited me to her studio in San Diego and while she worked on her new paintings I began this new weaving, using the pages of the same auction catalog mentioned in the previous post. Featured pieces are  clockwise from left Blue Balls VII, 1962, by Sam Francis (sold for $442,500); Ocean Park No. 85, 1975 by Richard Diebenkorn (sold for $992,500); Bigard, 1961, by Franz Kline (sold for $937,500); and Self Portrait, 1986 by Andy Warhol (sold for $387,500).

Combined 1997 auction price for the four pieces was $2,760,000.00, which when adjusted for inflation would be $4,055,581.59 today.  According to the United States Census 2009-2013 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates the Median Household Income is $ 53,046. It would take 77 families pooling together their entire yearly income to purchase these 4 works.