Hojas means "leaves" or "sheets of paper" in Spanish. The hojas are torn sheets of Arches paper painted with acrylic. The color palette was based on pixels of photographs of sunlight filtering through trees in Parque España. The park is adjacent to the FIFI projects gallery in Condessa, Mexico City, where the hojas were installed in the exhibition "Perhaps we could chat through a few specifics", on view during Zona Maco 2016.

The hojas are balanced on little branches inserted into the wall. They were harvested from a dead shrub, the rare Huckleberry, indigenous to Oakland, California. The hojas fell over the course of the exhibition whenever there was a disturbance in the space or gravity told them to.

A previous version of Hojas was shown as part of the solo exhibition El otoño mío es tu primavera at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2013.